This small project is still in development, but I already want to share the first….let´s say…fruits of labour. Later on I want to release a short video tutorial on how to create such lichen objects. And some more objects – probably even a simple scene – are in the works.

Here is the download link for a set of Simple 3D Lichen in several file formats (CINEMA 4D, Vray for CINEMA 4D, Vue VOB, Terragen TGO and OBJ):

Download Simple 3D Lichen

I licensed the files und a Creative Commons license:
Creative Commons License
Simple 3D Lichen by Jan Walter Schliep is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
License addendum: the above mentioned licencse does not apply to renderings or pictures where the Simple 3D Lichen objects/textures (or derivates) were used. In such a case you don´t have to put you rendering/animation under Creative Commons, you don´t have to link to this website, you don´t have to credit the author. But if you want to alter the 3D objects/textures AND redistribute the originals or the derivates, then you have to put the files under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

During the next days I will add more content, so please stay patient.  Just a first hint – the lichen objects are rather huge, so that you can „find“ them easier in Cinema4D, Vue or Terragen. If you want to scatter them on a surface, you should scale them down – depending on the look you are going for, 1:10 might be a good starting point.

I also uploaded a first video, showing one way to create some simple pieces of lichen.