Da die meisten Xfrog Nutzer nicht der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind – da schließe ich mich ein – steht das Tutorial in einer dem englisch ähnlichen Sprache zur Verfügung.

XF35shrubModeling shrubs with Xfrog 3.5 is one of the most common request I get – so I decided to build a simple model and record the session. If you are completely new to Xfrog, then you should take a look at some basic tutorials first. Actually I would not call this a video tutorial, video walk through might fit better.

And most important: this is boring!
So please don´t blame me for your wasted time ;-)
We want to create a little shrub with several trunks emerging from the base. Instead of using a Phiball I suggest to take a Tree component instead. Just make it very short, so that child objects seem to grow from one point or from a small area.
This enables us to make use of Growth Scale and Dense to create some variations, which is badly needed, as Xfrog 3.5 does not offer a Variation object.
By using a Square as Primitve type of the Leaf component, we can keep the polygon count low.
If you want to download the tutorial files, you can do so: Tutorial files – modeling a shrub with Xfrog 3.5 Tutorial files – modeling a shrub with Xfrog 3.5